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Tennesse CNC Machining Trends

CNC machining is on the rise and evolving daily with new more sophisticated machines being introduced to the market.

In Tennessee, there has been a rapid rise in the number of companies that deal with CNC machining. Companies have moved from competing in the development of CNC machines to offering CNC machining services. Compared to the past decades, Tennessee is now home to a variety of CNC machining suppliers ranging from machining of metals and alloys (like aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, steel), plastics, medical, OEM parts, services for lean manufacturing, prototyping, implant manufacturing; also precision services, such as laser cutting, milling, turning, branching, threading, bending, forming, welding, and engraving. There are also CNC services for large job requirements of up to a diameter of 48 ft. and a length of 20 ft., machines of †his size often also have capabilities of CNC jig bore and plasma burning.

The chart below is from TN.Gov, which shows a growth in manufacturing employment from 2014-2016.

TN.Gov Data on 2014-2016 Employment


Machining Technologies

Steps have been made in trying to develop CNC machines with automatic loading and off-loading of the finished part. Providing an increase in the production of CNC machines, which serve as complete work cells with integrated load and offload systems.

Another area that has evolved over the years in the field of CNC is the clamping and workholding system. Engineers are now designing more flexible clamping system with the ability to automatically position and reposition work pieces accurately. This has consequently led to the improved precision in reproductively of parts. The use of feed-through multi-station machining centers is also trending in Tennessee. These are CNC machine centers with the capability of machining work pieces on both sides without needing to reposition the workpiece.

Below we put together a quick 4-minute video, showcasing modern advancements in CNC machining:



  1. Medical field

Most of the equipment and tools used in the medical field are now being produced using CNC machining processes. Improving precision and quality of the parts produced especially when compared to the traditional machining methods.

For Example – Implants with complex geometries can now be easily manufactured.

Tennessee CNC Shops Produce Medical Goods

  1. Lean manufacturing

This is the production system emphasizes the elimination of waste produced during the machining process. CNC machines are more capable over traditional machining due to high precision/ computer programming for maximizing raw material; also benefiting the current green movement taking place worldwide.

Words Describing Lean CNC Manufacturing


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